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Jalandhar real estate market is considered to be the next growth story. With expanding townships the Jalandhar real estate market would witness a huge demand over the years. The commercial property, residential property and the retail sectors of Jalandhar are offering investment opportunities in aplenty making sure that you bag huge returns.

Growth in the earlier years has been slow and steady for Jalandhar real estate. However, the things have changed now. The development in Jalandhar commercial real estate sector is much formalized, as they intend to provide in a planned way. For that reason, the market is growing both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The city is seeing a lot of construction activity on the GT Road on the Ludhiana-Jalandhar segment with around 4 projects being in the pipeline. In addition, the city is all set to experience the phenomenon of a major retail boom, offering a plethora of great investment opportunity to all the investors (both domestic and international) at large. Jalandhar could see two to three exclusive malls in the next two years. However, the success of mushrooming mall culture in the long run would depend on the customers as opposed to sheer pitfalls created.

Tourism, a major contributor to the city's economy, is accountable for the financial growth of the city's residents thereby generating prospects for the influx of world class brands into the city.


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